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"I first started working with Caring Hands in the Community some years ago. Our business, COOK, makes and sells remarkable frozen meals for the great British public. We try and keep waste to a minimum, but inevitably there are some portions left over from time to time in our Kitchen. This has enabled us to supply top-quality food to Caring Hands to help feed some of the most vulnerable people in Medway.

"Working with them in their lovely kitchen in Chatham, I have met some amazing people. Because of COOK’s commitment to being ‘a force for good in society’, we’ve been able to offer employment to some of them – including those who have been homeless or spent time in prison. A job, responsibility and a regular salary is an important step in rebuilding a life and we are proud to currently employ three full-time staff who were helped by Caring Hands. They are some of the most dedicated and valued members of our team.

"Our relationship is open, honest and grows stronger with time. I personally feel very privileged to have met such a caring bunch of people who really are making a difference and turning lives around."


Chef Director


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