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Updated: May 10, 2023

Gabby has always enjoyed helping people, and when her children had grown and she wasn’t working, she decided she wanted to do something for others. She’d passed the Caring Hands building then Googled it. She decided to volunteer, so she made an appointment to come and talk to the manager, and we were delighted to have her on board.

Gabby says, “It was quite daunting at first – I was out of my comfort zone, some things are challenging, and you learn a lot. But I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends and understanding more about the issues some people face.

"Now I’ve been here four years, working in the kitchen, helping to prepare food and serve the guests, and I really enjoy working here. We have a good laugh, Val and I. I get a lot of joy from the guests, and I hope I bring them a bit of joy. And I’m good at doing dishes and washing up! I get a lot of satisfaction from volunteering here."

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